Custom Printed Tiles For A Home In Oxfordshire

During a recent project in Oxfordshire involved creating bespoke printed tiles for a bathroom to provide both a custom splash-back and aesthetically pleasing environment.

We use our in-house tiling team to source, supply and install the custom tiling in bespoke sizes.

What we require is a high resolution image in either landscape or portrait based on the tiling layout to suit your bathroom, kitchen or room.

The results are unique and the finish provides a long-lasting water resistant tile which acts the same way as standard white ceramic tiles do.

Features of our custom printed tiles:

  • Highly detailed printed images.
  • No fading.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Large murals or smaller splash-back for sinks.
  • Use your own photographs.

If you are interested in our custom printed tiling & fitting services, give us a call. We work with homes and businesses throughout Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, providing competitive rates for our work.